ATC is a national provider of environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting and engineering support services.  With more than 35 years of training and compliance experience throughout the United States, we offer a variety of professional "Open Enrollment" training courses at a number of our ATC Branch locations.  We are also available to tailor and mobilize our subject matter experts to provide instructor led training courses for our clients anywhere in the country.   ATC is now pleased to offer a number of convenient EHS courses from our on-line training website.  The experience you expect and the training support you need is now available wherever and whenever you need it.

For further information or assistance, contact ATC.    Phone:  1-800-634-8165 (hit #2 for training)     E-mail:

NOTE:  For the best viewing experience, we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer.  You may also use Google Chrome; however, you will have to enable Adobe Flash animation which is typically disabled.   To enable Flash, look at your Google Chrome toolbar and to the left of the internet address (https://), you will notice a lock icon.  Click on the lock icon and select or click on "site settings."  Under site settings, you will find "Flash."  To the right of "Flash" there is a drop down menu.  Click on the down arrow and select "Allow."  This will enable Adobe Flash and the animation to run properly.  You may be required to enable Flash content each time you log into the training course.  Failure to enable Flash will result in slide text and videos not loading properly.

In order to complete each section and receive credit, you must view all slides in full until the end of each section and then exit out of the section by clicking on X in the upper right-hand corner of the window.  You will not be able to proceed if you don't follow these instructions.